2008, short fiction, 10:31 min

The efforts of Naci Güneş Güven who tries to make a short film about the words of Ad Reinhardt “Art is art, everything is everything else” by adding his own words “Cinema is everything”.

Actor: Naci Güneş Güven as “Naci Güneş Güven”

The person who works about other stuff like script, screen, editing: Alican Durbaş

  • Best Film Award in Fiction Category at 6th PAM Short Film Festival, Turkey, 2008.
  • 20th Ankara International Film Festival, National Short Film Competition, Turkey, 2012.
  • Screening at the 18th Istanbul International Short Film Festival, Turkey, 2009.
  • 2th Beylikdüzü International Short Film Festival, Competition Finalist, Turkey, 2009.
  • İnönü Üniversitesi Short Film Festival 2009, Competition Finalist, Turkey, 2009.

12 10 - Kopya 8 2

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