Immaterial Collection II, 02: Liminal Space

Immaterial Collection II: Forum


Immaterial Collection II: Forum​ brings together video works by the acclaimed artists in Beirut Art Center’s Media Library with new works selected from our open call to artists from the MENA region, creating forums for conversation between two unique collections of artworks.

Over 100 established and early career artists submitted work, inspiring connections with works in our Media Library. Selected videos from each will be screened in a series of four distinct forums to stimulate conversation and debate over drinks on the terrace afterwards. A fifth forum of video works, ​From Syria​, considers some of the ways in which the continuing war is being discussed and represented through video.

This second instalment of ​Immaterial Collection ​is curated by BAC’s visiting researcher Joy Stacey.

Ekran Resmi 2018-10-26 00.39.41

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